Who am I?

Lecture with Franz Ruppert, 80 min.

from the webinar on dec 3, 2015.
Basics of an Identity oriented Psychotrauma Theory and Therapy (IoPT)
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Content - agenda:
Words and concepts
Theorie: Freud, Rogers, Erikson, Watkins
Brain Research
Development of 'I' and 'Self-Consciousness'
Symbiotic Needs and Desire for Autonomy
Identity, Identification and Attribution
Identity and Trauma
Basics of an Identity-oriented Psychotraumatherapy
Watch here an example: Chapter 21. What does "healthy I" mean?
Basics of an identity oriented Psychotrauma Theory and Therapy (IoPT), lecture and questions, from the webinar on 3 dec 2015.
Content, chapters
Introduction: The issue: I and identity, Imagine there is no I.
Questions to reflect on
Words and Concepts
Theory: Sigmund Freud
Theory: Erik H. Erikson
Theory: Carl Rogers
Theory: John Watkins, Helen Watkins
Brain Research: There is no I - Richard D. Precht
Brain Research: The pre-frontal Cortex and the I - Joachim Bauer
Development of the I - Franz Ruppert
Development of Self awareness
Symbiotic Necessities and Desires for Autonomy
Attributions, Role expectations, Identifications
Identity means… I=I
What does Trauma do to our Identity, Splits in the Identity
Psychotrauma produces the need and the habit for…
What does ‚healthy I‘ mean?
Not having an Identity means…
The Surviving Ego-States turn…
True Identity… (Franz Ruppert)
How to identify between surviving ego and healthy ego?
Identity oriented Psychotraumatherapy (IoPT)
Central Method of Identity oriented Psychotraumatherapy
Questions and the end.
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