War, violence, destruction - Exiting the bubble

Webinar with Professor Franz Ruppert

On 22 sept 2016 at 7.45pm MESZ (UTC-2)
Webinar in english with Professor Franz Ruppert, Guest: Vivian Broughton
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"Exiting the bubble" of our collective traumatisation means facing our own, individual trauma. And facing our trauma means understanding the fundamental dynamics of trauma and of perpetration and victimisation as they are lived out within us in our daily life.
Prof. Franz Ruppert, Psychotherapist from Munich, Germany, gives us his thoughts on this important topic, and some information about his method of addressing these issues.
We will also have with us Vivian Broughton from London, who has studied with Franz Ruppert for many years.
In addition to discussing this topic we want to have your thoughts and answer any questions you have about "Exiting the bubble".
If you want to have more information you can watch a lecture by Prof. Franz Ruppert.
And you can read the webblog by Vivian on the topic entitled utopia - an impossible dream?
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